Ssssshush, There Is No Need To Shout!

I am deaf!

I have been deaf since I woke up on Monday morning and although there has been many a laugh on my behalf, I can assure you it is not at all funny! Today I go to have my ears syringed and I think it’s the first time I have ever been excited to visit the doctors.

I guess we are all well aware of the implications of being blind, but I for one had no idea how hard it was not being able to hear! As a single mother, I have actually found it is quite a serious safety issue too.

Three times this week I have forgotten to turn the TV off, I have also nearly flooded the kitchen because I turned on the tap and then turned to do something else. I can’t hear cars approaching or if my kids go around a corner and fall off their scooters. I can’t hear them cry… I can’t hear them argue!

Some say this is a blessing and to enjoy it while it lasts. Maybe they are right! However, when I went up to bed at 10pm last night and found the girls sat in their room with the light on full and their toys strewn across the floor, I realised that it’s not as simple as that!

What if one of the girls hurts the other, what if one starts to choke, what if they shout for me to come and I cannot hear? What then?

There is of course a funny side to it, although I cannot hear well, I can hear a little. It is like being constantly underwater; I can hear my heart pound and my bones crack, but not what my girls are asking me… “Speak up, I cant hear you” I keep shouting!

At first, they got really frustrated with me, but now they just take my hand and pull me towards the topic of conversation and point…

“No Mummy, there are BEADS on the floor not beans!”
“I’m going FASTER mummy, why are you giving me a plaster!”
“Do you want a cup of TEA? We’re not looking for Alfie, he’s downstairs!”
And… The worst was when a friend was talking about her husbands thick head (of hair) and I thought she had called him a dick head!

The girls have pretty much given up trying to talk to me now. However Monkey did attempt to shout in my ear last night, to tell me about the beads and I still couldn’t understand what she was trying to say. No wonder they are staying up until late, they know I’m deaf and they must be having a ball!

So now, I’m off to the doctors and hopefully all being well I will have my hearing back again… Then, I’m pretty sure I will spend the whole of the weekend telling people to “SSSSSHUSH, there is no need to shout!”


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