Places To Eat


Nando’s is one of our favorite places to eat in town centres, the kids love chicken so its a nice easy option. They are kid friendly and have plenty of highchairs, kids crayons with colouring sheets are normally available on request and they have good changing facilities. The downside is it can be a little over priced for a family to eat, but I can still just about get away with splitting one childs portion between the two.


The idea has long disappeared about Mcdonalds being an unhealthy eatery. Especially as they now claim their burgers are 100% beef and that their kids happy meals can now contain fruit and milk if you so wish. I take my girls here for lunch once a week as a special treat. They love the relaxed atmosphere and the fact that they get a balloon and toy with their meal. We can all normally eat for under £10, which makes it affordable experience.


Another kid friendly restaurant to be found in most larger towns and cities. It has a relaxed, feel good atmosphere with funky background music and helpful staff. They have a kids menu that they can crayon on and plenty of highchairs available. They have a varied menu if you fancy something a little different, or you can stick to a burger or steak if you want a more basic meal.

Rainforest Cafe

I was introduced to this amazing restaurant while on our holiday to Disneyland Paris. If you ever get the chance to eat in one of these it is well worth the effort, especially if you have little ones to occupy. Not only do they give them a colouring pack, but all the animals move and there is rumbling thunder and flashing lights, just like a rain forest should be. There is one situated in London near Piccadilly Circus, one at Disneyland Paris and various ones in America

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