2nd Year

I have struggled to find nice photographs for the girls 2nd year, I seem to have many from the first few months then it dwindles off and I couldn’t understand why? Thankfully a friend pointed out that this was the year the girls father and I split up, and that I had obviously had better things to do than sit around and take pictures…

Luckily I had their fairy Godmother on hand to fill in the gaps! She was like David Bailey in full swing the first few years of the girls life. I swear they thought that Aunty G had, had a camera surgically attatched to her head the day they were born.

I try to look back on this year and unsupprisingly find my mind is a blank.  All I remember is feeling very afraid of what the future would hold, how we would cope financially and how I would manage with two babies that had only just turned one. But we are still here, still alive, and surviving to the best of our abilities.

The girls were very late with a lot of their developmental firsts compaired to other children. They didn’t  roll over till they were 8 months, but then 3 months later they were standing.  I remember willing them to roll over and everyone saying I should enjoy them while they are still,  that I would spend many a moment chasing them in the years to come.

I also remember there first words. Mookin’s was “banana”, Monkey’s was “tractor”. They were relatively early with their speech and could both say these words by their 1st birthday. By 18 months they could recite a whole book of nursery rhymes, count 1-10 and backwards 10-0, I put this down to reading to them from birth and the repetition of their favourite programme, Numberjacks. If I can give one word of advice, it would be read to them, read and read some more, its free and mine have grown up loving books.

france 2011 163

The girls started walking while holding onto their Vtech Baby Walkers at 12 months. Imagine two baby walkers in an average sized living room. It was like banger racing baby style, they had an awful habit of crawling up the front while the other stood behind, then it was a battle of the fittest to see who would stay upright.

By the end of the 2nd year the girls and I were much more settled, a lot less scared, and had fallen into our own little routine. I remember reading a multiple birth book before they were born that said, “If help is offered always, always accept it” This was the best tip I was ever given, I have never been ashamed to ask for help, I have great friends and family who will always stand by me… My friends call me super mum, but I couldn’t have done it without their help and support!


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