Bump to Birth

RRP £1.95
This magazine was by my side all through my pregnancy and the 1st year. It’s packed full of useful information, real life storys and everything you can think of to help in those first years.
RRP £5.00
This was my wonder product! It’s easily absorbed, has no oily residue, and smells devine. I used this every day without fail and I have absolutely no streach marks.
Ear Plug & Eye Mask Set:
RRP £4.50
I couldn’t have lived without this set while I was in hospital. Hospitals are Light and noisy day and night, and it’s hard to sleep at the latter end of pregnancy anyway. I needed all the help I could get!
RRP £1.90
Another favorite sleep aid of mine. Made with relaxing camomile and calming jasmine, it smells lovely and is just the thing before bed.
RRP £5.00
Anyone who has pre-eclampsia knows how hot and swollen your feet get. This Peppermint spray will cool and sooth your feet and make them feel refreshed.
RRP from £12.99
This really helped take the weight off my bump, I was working as a hairdresser when I was pregnant, and standing on my feet all day supporting two growing babies was hard work. I couldn’t have done it without this product!
I thought H&M had the biggest maternity range, and was the most fashionable and affordable on the high street. Just be aware their sizing is small, so always order a size bigger if your buying online.

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