Teaching Twins That Life Sucks Sometimes

Everybody knows siblings can be competitive regardless of age or sex, but I think there is always more of a competitive streak with twins. The reason for this is that they do everything at the same time, same place, with the same people.

Take school for instance, most other siblings are in different years which means they’re doing different things at different times. However, with twins, they are studying the same subjects at the same time as each other and I am finding the competition between my two quite draining.

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Barbie Malibu House Giveaway

What little girl doesn’t love Barbie? If they are anything like my Monkey, they will be Barbie crazy and their whole room will be kitted top to bottom in PINK. Of course, whenever we enter the realms of any toy store, Monkey will head straight to the pink section to pick out her favourite Barbie.

So imagine my excitement when I was asked to review a Barbie Malibu house for Tesco’s worth £99.99. Monkey always eyes this up every time she sees one, but to be honest I just can’t justify the money so she has always gone without.

I didn’t tell the girls about it beforehand, I just built it while they were at school and let them find it when they walked in that night. I must admit seeing all the pieces in the box was a bit daunting, but being a single mum you learn to tackle even the most technical of toys single handed.

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Awful Moments Of Twin Parenting

After being with the girls constantly over the summer holidays and having a lot of fun, I was sorry to see them go back to school in September. Not only do we enjoy lazy mornings now, but we also enjoy each other’s company more too and the thought of them not being around again was awful.

Starting year one was going to be a big step for the girls with stricter lessons and less playing, but they were also going to be split up completely into different classrooms. This thought terrified me, especially as they share only one special friend and one twin was always going to be left out.

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I’ve Been Away…

I have been away, not away on holiday, but away from blogging. It feels like eternity, but in fact, it is only a couple of months. “Where have you been?” I hear you all cry…

Well, I decided to have a break in the summer holidays and spend more precious family time with my girls. I think it’s important to realise that your children grow up quickly and regret is something I don’t want to be feeling later down the line. Continue reading

Journey to Dragon Mountain

Last weekend we were invited to Warwick Castle again, but this time it was for the premier of Mike the Knights new film, A Journey to Dragon Mountain. I do like a good film premier and I’m pretty sure it won’t be long before I’m asked to London for the red carpet treatment…

In my dreams.

For now though, I was happy to watch the kids be amused by Mike and Evie’s family antics, as they followed their father on a quest to return the sparkly ball jewel to the Dragons Mountain. I must admit I spent most of the afternoon humming sparkly ball, sparkly ball, jam tarts, la, la, la, la, la, laaaa. Continue reading