Oh The Irony

OK, I’m going to admit it…

I really enjoyed the teachers strike day yesterday!

I know It’s easier for me than most parents, as I run my own business and can pretty much work around impromptu days off. AND, I’m not saying that I don’t resent the whole hypocritical view, that teachers can take time off in school time, when we as parents can get fined for our children’s absence. Continue reading

An Authentic Greek BBQ

Everyone loves a good BBQ in the summer, but being a single mum with little ones, I struggle to perform this meal on my own. The main reason is I have noticed in past years kids are strangely attracted to fire, and my two are no different. I feel it would be unsafe for me to leave the grill even for a minute while I’m fetching stuff from the kitchen!

Therefore, we don’t tend to have as many as I would like. Monkey especially asks for a BBQ most weeks and can’t understand why I say no. So yesterday, when my folks came down for the day, I decided to ask dad help me BBQ. This of course was met with much enthusiasm, as let’s face it, what man doesn’t like to be in charge of the Barbie? Continue reading

Joules Giveaway

After sifting through the huge BritMum’s goody bag last week, I was lucky enough to come across a lovely Joules bag with a silk scarf tucked inside. I realise now it was probably only a 30/70 chance of me getting one of these beauties, instead of a rabbit key ring, so I definitely came up trumps!

However, I don’t really wear scarves and on the odd occasion that I do, it tends to be quite plain. This Joules one is a lovely bright seaside print, with beautiful rich vibrant colours worth £34.95, but sadly I just wouldn’t wear it… Continue reading