Things To Do In The Peak District

Just in case you are all wondering, I am still alive!

I decided to take an impromptu blog break this summer holiday, so I could give the girls my full attention. My aim this summer, is to blog if I find some spare time, but not to feel the NEED to. I have come to realise (probably five years too late,) that children grow up far too quickly and having my head shoved in a laptop for hours, doesn’t do any of us any good.

That said, yesterday we were at the park having a picnic and the girls ran off to play. Thankfully, now they are old enough to swing alone, which meant I was redundant and chose to take the time to update you on our summer holidays so far…

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The All Bran 5 Day Challenge

As I’m sure my regular readers are aware, I have been vigorously training most mornings for a half marathon. Of course, I will be doing this for a charity of my choice, but I’m also doing it to try and loose a bit of weight, tone up and hopefully become healthier in the process.

I would say the two areas of my body I need to concentrate on are my thighs/bottom and of course my tummy. I have found the running has helped immensely with my lower body, but as any mother knows, once you have had children that tummy area is a bugger to shift. Continue reading

My First Ever 5K

If you had told me a year ago, I would be training for a half marathon, I would have said you were totally nuts! You see, I’ve never been one for exercise as such. My nearest attempt up until now was joining the stunning Whittlebury hall hotel and spa, where I would lie by the pool and perv over the racing drivers that stayed there.

I can’t say I really exercised, it was more like a wellbeing place where I would pay a small fortune to do nothing but read a book. If I felt really energetic I would go upstairs to the gym where I found friends to workout with… Unfortunately, the only thing that really got a workout was my mouth as we chatted.

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