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Five Reasons Why I Would Buy A Green Earth Pan

The holidays are nearly over and I’m actually quite gutted that the girls are going back to school tomorrow. We have just had a lovely week in Derbyshire visiting family and only got back late on Sunday and once the girls were in bed I realised I hadn’t stopped to buy myself some dinner en route.

I was tired and hungry and had no idea what to eat, so on opening the fridge I was happy to find a box of Nanny and Pappy’s free range eggs sat there staring at me. Luckily, I also found cheese and an onion that were still in date and voila, an easy and quick omelette was cooked.

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Just Singles #3dates3mths Challenge

It’s been three months since I started the #3dates3months challenge for Just Singles and guess what… I’m still single! I have a few ideas of why this could be and looking back on my two choices of challenges, there is no surprise that I’m still all alone.

Firstly, going to Dublin was great fun, but the fact that I chose three stunning friends who are a lot younger than me to go with, was never going to be my strongest pulling tactic. Let’s face it, what man would chose a 40 something flabby mother of twins, over a 20 something size 8-10 stunner?!?! Continue reading